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If you are looking for information on arrest records in Yuba County, California, it would serve you well to start with some information on how arrest records are issued and the reason for the law enforcement agency to request an order for detention from a state or federal criminal court.

While there are several types of arrest orders that the court can issue, a warrant for detention in a matter pertaining to a felony can only be issued by the sitting judge of a criminal court. Before approaching the judiciary for such an order, the police have to file a written affidavit outlining the criminal incident, evidence and witness testimony available and information concerning the alleged perpetrator.

The final authority on whether to issue the arrest warrant or not lies solely in the hands of the magistrate who carefully considers all the information presented before issuing the warrant. Once an arrest order is duly signed by the judge it is called an active warrant and it can be issued to nab the person against whom it has been issued from his home/ workplace or even third part premises.

The arrest can be made at any time of the day and night and the Sheriff’s Department is not legally obligated to provide a notice of warrant issuance in advance. The person in question; however, will be told about the warrant when he/she is being arrested. If for any odd reason, an arrest is not made through the provisions of the arrest order, the document is stored in the system as an outstanding warrant.

An individual can and will be arrested even if there is an old outstanding warrant out against him/her. In fact, this arrest can occur at any time and any place in the country if the matter is felony related. To seek information on arrest records in the County of Yuba, Ca, contact the Sherriff’s Department by making a person visit at 215 5th Street Suite 150, Marysville, California 95901.

You can also speak to the records department over the phone by dialing 530-749-7777 or faxing on 530-741-6445. A relatively simpler option involves an online warrant search; to access an Internet database of arrest records, simply fill in the form above.

Approximately 16000 criminal cases were filed in the county from 1999 to 2008; which brings the annual crime figure to roughly about 1600. Of the total criminal activity over the decade an estimated 2300 incidents were violent crimes. In fact, over the ten year period mentioned above, there has been an astounding increase of almost 80% in the number of violent crimes while the overall crime rate has also swelled by nearly 65%.

On an average a criminal incident is reported in Yuba County every 5 hours; of these instances, nearly 9000 are theft and robbery cases and almost 30 cases are homicide related while sexual assault cases number around 200. In most criminal matters, the incident occurs when the victim is less than a mile from his workplace or house.

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