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An arrest warrant gives the police authorities in California the right to seize a person and put them under custody. Like everywhere across the United States, California arrest warrants cannot be issued unless a judge first signs them. It is essential to know that an outstanding warrant is valid only in the state and county in which it has been issued. That is to say, a Loss Angeles arrest warrant can be implemented only in Los Angeles and not in another County. Lastly, a warrant ought to relate to a specific individual who committed the offense.

For an arrest warrant to be issued against a person in Los Angeles, an orderly process must occur. The police department initiates a request to be presented to a judge in an LA court of law. The request must be grounded on substantial evidence indicating a crime has been committed. The judge enjoys full discretion of whether to accept the police’s request or to deny it. Once a Los Angeles arrest warrant has been issued, the police have a period of 48 hours to make an arrest.

Los Angeles arrest records cover all arrest cases against a person. In many cases, the records will contain additional data, such as the violation of which a person is suspected, the crime timeframe, and a description of the offender. The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) has full and elaborated arrest records database, yet unfortunately, access to these databases is limited. An LA resident has access only to records related to his state and county.

So to gain access to LA arrest records, one can resort to several methods. One way is to turn to the courthouse, to the criminal clerk window. This option might be problematic if you intend to check up on someone else. In that case, you will have to justify the request.

It is also possible to turn to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (it can be found on http://sheriff.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/lasd/). The department operates a Countywide Warrant System (CWS) designed to provide information on warrants and wanted persons in Los Angeles County.

Another viable and very convenient way to retrieve information on arrest warrants in Los Angeles County is to use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

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