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In Madera County, California, an arrest warrant is issued with evidence and facts called probable cause. Suppose a court judge evaluates that a reasonable person would find the proof determines that a violation of law has been made. In that case, the judge’s signature will convert the document into an active warrant.

An arrest warrant in Madera County CA orders and allows any California law enforcement to search for and apprehend the subject. An active warrant that cannot be served, or for whom the subject cannot be located, becomes an outstanding warrant and generally stays in force until an arrest is made, bail is paid, or the individual appears before the court.

For a warrant search in Madera County, CA, contact the Madera County Sheriff’s Headquarters at 559-675-7770, or

If your warrant search includes requesting official arrest records for Madera County CA, contact the Clerk-Recorder Division at, or contact the Recorder’s office at 559-675-7724. You may also obtain more information by going to the Madera County California Court Records Directory, and search for public records by the defendant’s name. You may also phone the Superior court at 559-675-7786.

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If you believe that an outstanding warrant has resulted in an arrest, you may contact the Madera County Jail Inmate Inquiry at

In Madera County, California, reported crime totaled over 34,000 in the ten years between 1999 and 2008. That averaged to over 3,400 every year, or one crime reported every two hours. Of the 34,000, almost 20,000 were thefts, 300 rapes, and 50 murders. During this same time frame, violent crime grew by 22 percent, and the overall rate rose by over 24 percent.

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