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The Sutter County, CA Sheriff’s Department has to approach the local criminal court to detain a person in felony or misdemeanor charges. However, the court does not automatically fulfill the law enforcement agency’s request by issuing an arrest order for every rhyme and reason.

In fact, as per the statute of limitations that govern arrest warrants, order for the legal detention of an individual can only be issued by a federal or state criminal court. The court has to be presented with a written petition that contains details about the crime, the alleged criminal/suspect, and the evidence/witnesses gathered in the case. If the information submitted at this point is found to be sufficient for the eventual filing of a case against the individual in question, a signed document known as an active arrest warrant is handed over to the police.

This document can be used to take a person into custody at any time and any place. Unlike bench warrants and summons, which are restricted to the county in which they are issued and are only valid for a specific period, an active warrant never goes out of effect. However, it is termed as an outstanding warrant when an arrest is not made through its use for a while.

If the warrant has been issued in case of a felony, the person against whom the warrant is out can be arrested in any part of the country and deported to the county in which the arrest order was issued. To find out if an active or outstanding warrant is in issue against a person you know or intend to employ, contact the Sheriff’s Department of Sutter County in Person at their head office at 1077 Civic Center Blvd, Yuba City, California 95993.

Although a warrant search cannot be conducted over the phone, you can speak to the records clerk by calling on 530-822-7307. An alternate option is to use the form given above to access a nationwide database of arrest records.

Can you find arrest records and information on Sutter County warrants over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • Know about recent arrest by calling the phone number for Jail Inmate Information- (530) 822-7300.
  • Learn more about criminal background checks by calling the Support Services Division at (530) 822-4393.
  • Contact the District Attorney’s Office for Victim’s Assistance at (530) 822-7345.
  • Get in touch with the Officer handling your case, by calling the Investigations Section at- (530) 822-7313.
  • Reach the Sheriff’s Department for general inquires and to file a complaint by using their non-emergency number- (530) 822-7307.

Crime statistics for Sutter County, CA

In 2018 and 2019, the Sheriff’s Department of Sutter County received around 650 complaints/year. These cases include more than 570 complaints against property crimes and around 80 complaints against violent crimes.

Larceny-thefts were responsible for the maximum number of property crime cases, with an incident rate of 350 complaints, while burglaries came in a distant second with an incident rate of around 170 cases.

In 1999, the crime rate in Sutter County stood at a modest 200 incidents per year; however, there has been an alarming rise of almost 50% in this figure, with the annual criminal incidents burgeoning to well over 300. If the trend continues, the county will soon experience a rapid escalation in the number of crimes to almost about 400.

Of the approximately 28,000 criminal reports files in the ten years between 1999 and 2008, nearly 2900 crimes were reported annually. The yearly crime figures combine almost 20,000 theft and robbery cases, along with nearly 20 instances of homicide and nearly 250 cases of sexual assault.

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