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Active warrants are issued for many purposes, from something as innocuous as forgetting to pay a traffic ticket to a gruesome crime like murder. All of these offenses can result in the issue of warrants. This is one of the prime reasons you should regularly check for such directives through an arrest warrant search in Mono County, CA.

Because the police are bound to serve orders for arrests at the earliest available opportunity, you will not be able to walk free for too long once an outstanding warrant has been handed to the police in your name. It would also help to understand here that when the matter in question is a serious misdemeanor or a felony, the sheriff’s office urges the judiciary to release the warrant.

Regardless of why an outstanding warrant was issued, it stays in the system forever once it has been sanctioned. So, your best bet to sort a situation in which you are at risk of being arrested because a warrant has been granted against you is to talk to an attorney. Legal representation can even help you to avoid the initial detention.

Often, misdemeanor cases are sorted through the conditions for release mentioned on the active warrant. If your inquiry is aimed at another person and you find arrest records and active warrants from Mono County against him, you can report the matter to the police and bring about his arrest. To look for this information, you will need to go to:

  • The sheriff’s department: PO Box 616, 100 Bryant St, Bridgeport, California 93517
  • The magistrate’s court: 74 School Street, Bridgeport, CA 93517
  • The county clerk’s office: P.O. Box 537, Bridgeport, California 93517

Since 2001, the crime rates of Mono County, California, have risen by 10%. Similar growth was also seen in the frequency of violent occurrences, which clocked in a rise of 55%. In the years that followed, almost 500 criminal complaints were filed with the local police.

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