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With the level of technology available to people today, it is not surprising that your neighbor can look up information about you even without your consent. This may include access to some criminal records and arrest warrants. In Tehama County, arrest warrants are issued through the courts and the courts keep detailed arrest records. Searching for arrest records in Tehama County may require a trip to the courthouse or a written request; however, most records are available to the public.

Is an arrest warrant required for an arrest?

California law allows a police officer to arrest a person even if he does not have the written warrant in his possession. However, if an officer arrests a person without a warrant, it typically means that the officer witnessed the crime. On the other hand, an officer may arrest a person without having the outstanding arrest warrant in his physical possession. If the suspect requests to see the arrest warrant, the officer must make a copy available to him as soon as it is practical.

What resources exist for searching arrest warrants or other criminal records in Tehama County?

  • Superior Court of California for Tehama County – The court has an online search form for searching case information for Tehama County.
  • Criminal Division Superior Court – The Clerk of Court is responsible for maintaining criminal records. If you want a detailed warrant search and copies, you must either go to the courthouse to make a request or do so in writing (following the instructions on the Clerk’s website). There is a fee for copies.
  • Tehama County Current Inmates – You can look up information on current county inmates on the Sheriff’s website.

What if I am a victim of a crime in Tehama County?

As a victim of a crime, you have certain rights. The Victims’ Services Unit of the California Office of the Attorney General offers support and information for victims and their families. This includes receiving notifications when an inmate’s status changes. California Victim Services helps victims recover from the emotional devastation caused by crime but also may be able to help victims recover some of their financial losses as well.

Tehama County, CA crime statistics

Tehama County is the 41st most populous county in California with a population of approximately 61,500. Between the years of 1999 and 2008, crime rates fluctuated between a low of approximately 700 crimes per year and a high of over 2,000 crimes per year. During that time, 20% of the total crimes were violent in nature. When compared to 10 other similar counties, Tehama County had the most violent crimes per 1,000 people during the 10-year period.

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