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If you have a CA active warrant in your name, that means that a sheriff or police officer is authorized to arrest you in connection with a specific charge. You have a right to know what you are being arrested for. In California, active warrants are those warrants that law enforcement officers have not served yet; no arrest has yet been made. If a certain amount of time passes without the active warrant being executed, it becomes an outstanding warrant.

In order for a warrant to be issued in California, a police report must first be filed. Then, a deposition must be filed that legally testifies to the circumstances under which the individual named has committed an offense. Finally, the judge determines whether there is probable cause to arrest the individual. If there is probable cause, the judge or court issues an active warrant. Typically, the warrant is assigned to a specific law enforcement officer who must attempt to make the arrest. Then, the individual must be proven guilty or innocent in a court of law. Even after arrest, the alleged offender is presumed innocent.

An active warrant will remain on file in California until the individual is arrested or dies. In order to find out if there is a warrant for your arrest, you must contact the county sheriff’s office or the local court that issued the warrant. Usually, the sheriff’s office has a records department that will be able to search for any warrant you may have. Some sheriff’s offices require that you visit their office to make this inquiry, but you can try to contact them by phone ahead of time.

There is no statewide database of warrants in California. The warrant is only on record in the county where it was issued. Moreover, CA active warrants do not become a matter of public record until they have been executed. However, sometimes this information is made publicly available online. Visit your county sheriff’s website to find out.

If there is a warrant for your arrest in California, it is best to settle your warrant. If your warrant is for something less serious, like an unpaid traffic ticket, you will probably be given the opportunity to pay the fine, rather than being taken into custody. It’s important to resolve the issue in case you are pulled over for something else; this could result in further penalties. Even if you got a speeding ticket years ago, until you pay the fine or die, the CA active warrant will remain active.