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If the authorities in Orange County, California, intend to arrest an individual, they must seek an arrest warrant against him. The process of issuing such a warrant is based on a preliminary request of the Orange County Police Department. The arrest warrant will become an active arrest warrant only after a sitting judge had signed it. The judge has the privilege to reject the police’s request. Alternatively, he will sign the warrant if the police present sufficient evidence for committing a crime by an individual against whom the warrant is issued. In any case, an arrest warrant against an individual is limited to the county and state where it is issued. In other states, the warrant has no legal force. It is essential to know that it becomes an outstanding arrest warrant if the warrant is not fulfilled.

To perform a warrant search in Orange County, it is advised to visit Orange County’s Sheriff Department (, which enables an online free search. It is also possible to use the Department’s search to determine persons who serve time in jail or who have recently been set free (during the last 30 days). California Court’s website ( is another option to perform an arrest warrant search in Orange County.

Moreover, you always can easily acquire information on criminal records in California by referring to the above search via an online criminal records database.

How do you look up information on recent arrests and active warrants from Orange County over the phone? (2021-information)

  • Reach the Sheriff’s Department for general inquires and to file a complaint by using their non-emergency phone number- (714) 647-7000 or (949) 770-6011.
  • Know about recent arrests by calling the Central Men’s and Women’s Jail at (714) 647-4666.
  • Learn about recent inmate releases and bail-related details at (714) 647-6063.
  • Initiate a warrant search by calling the Central Warrants Repository at (714) 834-6470.
  • Learn more about criminal background checks by calling the Records Division at 714-834-6454.
  • Contact the District Attorney’s Office for Victim’s Assistance at (714) 834-3600.
  • Get in touch with the officer handling your case, by calling the Criminal Investigation Division at (714) 647-7040.

Crime statistics for Orange County, CA

The annual crime average of Orange County almost breached the 1400-case mark in 2018. But by 2019, the police had tightened their grip on criminal activities, which led to a reduction of more than 10% in the annual crime average, which plunged to 1130 incidents. Of these complaints, around 880 were filed against property crimes and 250 cases were attributed to violent crimes.

Just for your information, in the years 1999-2008, the total number of crimes in Orange County, California, reached a total of 763,080 with an average of around 84,000 a year. That means that every six-seven minutes, a person may be a victim of a crime.

Yet, the picture is not as grim as it might be seen at first glance. Statistics show that there has been a steady 3 percent decline in crime rates in the last ten years while violent crime rates were reduced by 11 percent. This positive trend is attributed to efficient police law enforcement efforts in the county.

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