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For an arrest warrant that originated in Marin County, California, a court judge would have been given evidence that a crime or violation of law had been performed. If the judge views the evidence as probable cause, then a signature would immediately convert the document into an active warrant. The warrant would include the charges and the person alleged to commit them.

An active warrant in Marin County, CA, orders police and other law enforcement to search for and arrest the subject. An arrest warrant remains active until any California law enforcement member serves the subject or if the court recalls it. A subject may also satisfy an outstanding warrant by appearing before the court or posting bail.

To conduct a warrant search for Marin County, California, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division is the primary repository for outstanding warrants. They can be contacted at 415-473-7297.

If your warrant search includes previous arrest records, the Sheriff’s Office Records Division can be reached by phone at 415-473-7284 or by selecting Records at the site. You should also contact the Superior Court of California County of Marin located in San Rafael at 415-444-7000.

To determine if an individual is currently in jail due to an arrest warrant, you can go to the County of Marin Sheriff’s Office website at There you can find access to the information you are looking for.

What information pertaining to Marin County warrants and arrest records can you find over the phone? (2021-data)

  • To inquire about active warrants, call the Sheriff’s Office’s Warrants Division at 415) 473-7299.
  • To know about recent arrests, use the phone number of the Marin County Jail- 415-473-7316.
  • To file a non-emergency report, call the Sheriff’s Office on 415-479-2311.
  • To learn more about a criminal case in which you were a victim, call the Investigations Division at 415-473-7265.
  • To know about arrest records, police, and incident reports, connect with the police at (415) 473-7284.
  • To deal with an outstanding warrant in your name, call the Marin County Superior Court at (415) 444-7070.

Crime statistics for Marin County, CA

In 2018 and 2019, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office received an estimated 800 complaints per year. The violent crime average went from almost 100 incidents in 2018 to around 70 in 2019. Unfortunately, the property crime rate moved in the opposite direction, going from 680 complaints in 2018 to around 740 complaints in 2019.

In Marin County, California, between 1999 and 2008, there was a crime reported 17 times each day. This averages to over 6,000 crimes each year, or over 60,000 in the ten years. Of the total crimes reported, close to 43,000 were thefts, over 450 rapes, and 30 murders. Overall, crime climbed by 19%, while violent crime was constant.

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