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An arrest warrant in El Dorado, California orders any California law enforcement officer to detect and apprehend the subject named in the arrest warrant and compel them to appear before the court. If the subject cannot be tracked down or served in a timely period, the active warrant is then categorized as an outstanding warrant. It remains valid and effective until an arrest is made, bail is handed in, or the subject appears before the court.

If you carry out a warrant search for El Dorado, CA for yourself or a third party, you should contact the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office at 530-621-5655. There is also a web page of the County of El Dorado California Sheriff Records at http://www.edcgov.us/Government/Sheriff/Support/Records.aspx. This page includes application forms, office operation times, and the schedule of fees associated with any request for information.

If your warrant search includes information on previous arrest records for El Dorado County, CA, or to determine if there are additional records available, you can contact the Superior Court of California County of el Dorado at 530-295-2536, or the Clerk directly at 530-621-6426.
You may also utilize the search form above to explore an online criminal records database for the State of California.

A list of all Current El Dorado County Jail Inmates can be seen at http://edcapps.edcgov.us/sheriff/jail/jail_datalist.asp?cmd=reset.

How do you look up information on recent arrests and active warrants from El Dorado County over the phone? (2021-information)

  • For information on arrests and inmates, call the Placerville Jail at (530) 621-6000 or the South Lake Tahoe Jail on (530) 573-3031.
  • For general inquiries, use the non-emergency phone numbers- (530) 621-5655, (530) 621-6600 or (530) 573-7955 ext. 5655 to reach the Placerville Office, and (530) 573-3000 to contact the South Lake Tahoe Office.
  • For information on arrest warrants, arrest records and bench warrants call the Warrants and Civil Processes Unit at (530) 621-5703.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the DA’s Office at (530) 573-3337 or (530) 642-4760.
  • To know if charges have been filed against you, call the DA’s office at (530) 621-6472
  • To report suspected fraud, call the DA’s Office on their Fraud Hotline (866) 629-0171.

Crime statistics for El Dorado County, CA

In 2018, the annual crime rate of El Dorado County stood at well over 2200 incidents. But, the annual crime average dipped significantly by 2019, to reach an incident rate of fewer than 1900 complaints. Through this period, the violent crime rate plunged from 240 to around 170 incidents while the property crime rate dropped from 2000 to 1700 complaints.

In El Dorado County, California, there were over 24,000 crimes reported from 1999 to 2008. This averages to over 2,400 reports each year, or a crime every three hours. Of the total crimes, nearly 14,000 were thefts, over 250 rapes, and almost 30 murders. The total crime rates increased to an astonishing 73 percent during this period, while violent crime rates grew to 78 percent.

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