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Searching for arrest warrants in Glenn County can be done through the mail or in person at the county courthouse. Unfortunately, Glenn County does provide copies online but you can search for active warrants. Furthermore, the court has an online information page about criminal cases that is very helpful in explaining the criminal process in Glenn County. Should you want copies or more information about a case after finding it through the online index, you can contact the Clerk’s Office by mail or in person at the main courthouse address (Superior Court of California, County of Glenn, 526 West Sycamore St., Willows, CA 95988, Telephone: 530-934-6446).

After a judge finds probable cause exists for an arrest warrant, the signed warrant will be transferred to a law enforcement agency for service and process. Therefore, another way to search for outstanding warrants is to inquire through the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office. You may also want to check with the local or town police office where the suspect resides for arrest records.

What is probable cause in relation to an arrest warrant?

California criminal laws are common to other state laws for the issuance of an arrest warrant. A judge will issue an arrest warrant upon the finding of probable cause. Probable cause is the belief, given the alleged facts in the complaint presented to the judge, that the suspect has committed the crime alleged. If the judge finds a reasonable person would come to this conclusion, he may issue a warrant for arrest.

When can an officer execute an arrest warrant?

Misdemeanor arrest warrants may only be served after 6:00 am and before 10 pm. There are several exceptions to this rule: the judge may order that the warrant may be served at any time, the suspect is already in jail or the arrest is made in public. However, an arrest warrant on a felony charge may be served whenever possible. Once the suspect has been arrested, he must be seen by a judge within a reasonable time, usually within 48 hours.

Glenn County, CA crime statistics

When compared to 10 other counties similar to it, Glenn County ranked second highest for crime rates from 2001 through 2008. Over that time, almost 6,000 crimes were reported in the county with only a small portion (about 535) being violent in nature. Even though Glenn County ranked second highest for crimes when compared to other similar counties, the crime rate between 2001 and 2008 only rose by 2%.

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