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Not only will it be prudent to conduct a background check on a person that you intend to hire in your home or office but also it is extremely important to find out if there is an outstanding or active arrest warrant that remains un-served against the person in question.

The Sheriff’s Department of Mendocino County, CA remains the definitive source of information on arrest records. An online alternative for a warrant search is also available if you fill in the form given above. However, before you look for information on the criminal history of a person, it is imperative to understand how arrest records work, so you can get a clear idea about the nature of the crime and the correct legal status of an individual.

An order for arrest when freshly signed by the sitting judge of a criminal court is known as an active warrant. The document is released to the police in response to a written affidavit filed by the local law enforcement agency and the public prosecutor’s office with information on the nature of the crime, the suspect and the evidence.

Once issued the active warrant stays in effect regardless of when it has been issued. However, if it is backlogged in the system because an arrest is not made through its use, there is a slight change in terminology and the document is then called an outstanding warrant. An arrest will be made even when there is a really old outstanding warrant against a person.

To ascertain if a warrant has been issued against a person, visit the Sherriff’s Department of Mendocino County with the first and last name of the individual along with your ID proof. They are located at 951 Low Gap Rd, Ukiah, California 95482. Another way is to speak to the records clerk over the phone by dialing 707-463-4411.

An analysis of the criminal incident reports filed between 1999 and 2008 revealed that there has been a staggering rise of almost 100% in the number of violent criminal incidents. Starting at a dismal 100 approximate instances reported annually, the figure has ballooned to well over 200 and if this rise continues unabated, there is a very real risk of the crime rate touching 3000 incidents in the future.

An estimated 1600 criminal reports are filed in the county each year’s which brings the decade long criminal activity to roughly about 16000 instances. Of these most were related to theft and robbery at over 9000 reports while murder and rape were at the end of the felony spectrum with around 40 and 250 incidents reported.

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