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Like in the rest of the country, most arrests are made through a court order for detention in Nevada County, CA. Unless a law enforcement official bore witness to a criminal incident (in which case he/she has the authority to arrest the perpetrator on the spot without an arrest warrant), in most cases that call for an investigation, a warrant for arrest is a legal mandate.

As per the statute of limitations, the local Sheriff’s Department files a request with the criminal court for the issuance of a warrant after submitting a writ detailing the crime, information about the criminal, and the evidence collected about the matter. After carefully considering the police petition, the sitting judge issues an active arrest warrant to the law enforcement agency or overturns their application in case of insufficient evidence.

An order for arrest in felony related cases never goes out of effect; however, if the individual against whom it has been issued is not arrested for any odd reason, the document is then filed in the national database as an outstanding warrant.

In case of a legal transgression, however, minor, the officer on the scene will usually run the name of the person in question through this database. Suppose an active or outstanding warrant is out against the individual. In that case, he/she will be arrested even if the arrest order is several years old and issued by a county that he/she does not reside in anymore.

To find out if the Nevada county judiciary has issued an arrest warrant against a person you know, contact the Sherriff’s Department by visiting their office at 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, California 95959. It is also possible to speak to a person from the records department over the phone by dialing 530-265-1471. However, it is improbable that you will be offered arrest record-related information over the phone. It is also possible to conduct an online warrant search by filling the form above.

Can you find arrest records and information on Nevada County warrants over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • For information on arrests and inmates, call the phone number of the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility- 530-265-1291.
  • For general inquiries, police reports, accident reports and criminal records get in touch with the Sheriff’s Office, use the non-emergency phone number- 530-265-1471.
  • For information on arrest warrants, call the law enforcement agency at 530-265-1474.
  • For victim’s assistance, call the DA’s Office on 530-265-1301.

Crime statistics for Nevada County, CA

In 2019, approximately 540 criminal complaints were filed with the Sheriff’s Office of Nevada County. The annual crime average of 2018 stood higher at more than 670 cases of which, 420 were filed against property crimes.

Although the property crime average remained at the same level as the 2018 figure, the violent crime rate did plunge from 150 incidents in 2018 to fewer than 120 cases in 2019.

In the decade that started in 1999 and ended in 2008, an estimated 12,000 crimes took place in Nevada County, California, which comes down to about 1200 annual criminal cases. Of these, the majority were robbery and theft-related, including instances of carjacking.

In most criminal incidents, the victim is no more than a mile away from his home or office when the crime takes place. Also, the daily criminal rate stands at four incidents every 24 hours. In the decade mentioned above, the crime rate has almost doubled, which is a genuinely worrisome trend.

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