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Amador County has online public access to case records through its website, which helps perform a warrant search. Cases are available online, beginning with cases filed in 2002, and are searchable by name, citation number, date of birth, or case number. Go to the county website homepage at for further investigation. The Amador County Superior Court handles criminal cases for the county. For more information on the process for criminal cases, read the criminal division overview of Amador County.

Information about arrests, inmates, crimes, and missing persons can be found on the Amador County Sheriff’s Office website. You can also request a criminal history report, arrest records and other public records from the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for serving and executing outstanding warrants once a judge has issued the arrest warrant based on probable cause.

What is probable cause concerning an arrest warrant?

Probable cause plays an essential role in the issuance of an arrest warrant in California. A criminal complaint was brought before a magistrate with the request for him to issue an arrest warrant. The judge may take sworn testimony or review affidavits to determine probable cause. If, after hearing all of the alleged facts, the judge finds a reasonable person would believe that the suspect in question committed the crime, then the judge has found probable cause. He may then issue an arrest warrant for the suspect and direct local law enforcement officers to apprehend and detain the defendant until he is brought before the judge.

Service of arrest warrants

California felony arrest warrants may be served any time during the day or night. However, misdemeanor arrest warrants have restrictions on service. Unless the arrest is made in public, the person being arrested is already in custody, or the judge directs otherwise, misdemeanor warrants may only be served between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. After arrest, the suspect must be brought before a magistrate within 48 hours except Sundays and holidays.

Can you find arrest records and information on Amador County warrants over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • To file a non-emergency complaint, use the non-emergency dispatch line- (209) 223-6513.
  • To report a crime in progress, call 911 or use the emergency phone number of the Sheriff’s Office- (209) 223-1235.
  • To learn the procedure for a local criminal background check, call the Records Unit on (209) 223-6500.
  • To find out about recent arrests, contact the Amador County Jail at (209) 223-6521.
  • To contact the Amador County Probation Department, call on 209-223-6387.
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the District Attorney’s Office at (209)223-6444.

Amador County’s crime data

From an incident rate of 420 complaints in 2018 to over 480 reports in 2019, the rise in the annual crime average of Amador County may not have been alarming, but a rise it was nonetheless. Fortunately for the residents, the increase was exclusively attributed to a rise in property crimes, which went from an annual average of around 340 incidents to over 420 complaints in 2019.

Amador County is the 46th most populated county in California, with approximately 38,238 residents. Crime rates within the county fluctuated from a low of just under 400 crimes in 2001 to a high of over 1,200 crimes by the end of 2008. This accounts for the sharp increase in crimes during the period when you view the percentages (overall crime increased over 66% and violent crimes increased by almost 75%).

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