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An arrest warrant in Placer County, California, is a legal order from the court that gives law enforcement authority to locate and detain the defendant. When first signed, the charge is considered an active warrant. If the defendant cannot be found, then the order becomes an outstanding warrant and stays in force until an arrest is made, bail is paid, or the individual appears before a magistrate to answer the charges. Some arrest warrants may have bail, and others may mandate that the defendant be arrested without the option of bail.

To conduct a warrant search to gain specific information about an outstanding warrant issued in Placer County, CA, contact the Placer County Sheriff’s Department Records Department at 530-889-7812. You may also visit the Sheriff’s website at to learn more about conducting a warrant search.

If you desire to search for previous arrest warrants or specific case documents, contact the Superior Court of California County of Placer at 916-408-6000.

You may want to explore a State of California online criminal records database using the above search form.

To resolve if an individual is currently in custody due to an arrest warrant, view the Placer County Inmate Information at, or call the County Jail Corrections at 530-745-8500.

Reports in Placer County, California, resulted in over 70,000 total crimes between 1999 and 2008. This averages to 20 crimes each day, or around 7,000 each year. Of the total crimes, nearly 52,000 were thefts, over 30 murders, and 450 rapes. The rate of overall crime and violent occurrences both significantly rose by over 56 percent during these ten years.

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