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In order for an arrest warrant to be issued in Butte County California, evidence that indicates probable cause must first be presented to a court judge. If – on the grounds of probable cause (That is, one may come to the conclusion that a crime or violation of the law has been committed) – a judge signs the warrant, it is then immediately validated as an active warrant.

An active warrant is then forwarded to law enforcement and gives them the authority to place under arrest the individual named in the order. If the subject is not able to be served or located, the arrest warrant is then considered an outstanding warrant and stays in force until an arrest is made, bail is posted, or the subject appears before the court.
To conduct an arrest warrant search in Butte County, CA, get in touch with the Butte County Sheriff’s Office located in Oroville, CA, the number is 530-538-7321. Their website is http://www.buttecounty.net/sheriffcoroner/Home.aspx

If your warrant search includes a desire for previous arrest records, you can contact the Superior Court of Butte County; the number is 530-532-7002. There is also an online search of the Official Records Database by the Butte County California Recorder’s Office at https://clerk-recorder.buttecounty.net/RiimsWeb/ASP/ORInquiry.asp.
You may also choose to search a State of California online criminal records database by accessing the search form above.

To see if an individual is currently in custody as a result of an outstanding warrant in Butte County, CA, there is a Jail Lookup link close to the bottom of http://www.buttecounty.net/sheriffcoroner/corrections.aspx.
The rate of crime in Butte County California increase by 38 percent between 1999 and 2008, while violent crime reports rose by 60 percent. Of the 61,000 total crime reports, more than 38,000 were thefts, over 750 rapes, and almost 60 murders.
During this same period there was an average of about 6,100 crimes each year, or one report 17 times each day.

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