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An arrest warrant must legally precede an arrest in San Diego County. For an arrest warrant in San Diego County to be valid, a sitting judge must first sign it. The moment the warrant is signed, it becomes an active warrant. That is to say, the person against whom the arrest warrant is issued is under police search and is liable for arrest the moment he is found.

Similar to other counties in California, an active arrest warrant in San Diego becomes an outstanding warrant if the person to whom the warrant is directed is not found and the warrant is not served.

A judge will not automatically sign and thus validate an arrest warrant. Although there are less strict and meticulous judges than others, all judges will demand the police provide them with substantial evidence indicating a crime has been committed to justify an arrest warrant. If you are interested in finding information on arrest records in San Diego County, it is advisable to turn to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department website. This site enables an online search of arrest warrants issued by the San Diego County Superior Court. The database is updated once a day.

Alternatively, you can opt for using the above search to get detailed information on criminal records in the state of California.

What information pertaining to San Diego warrants and arrest records can you find over the phone? (2023)

  • For a warrant search, connect with the Warrant Office at 858-974-2110.
  • To report a crime, use the phone number of non-emergency dispatch phone number- 858-565-5200.
  • For general inquiries or to contact a specific division, call the Main Office of the Sheriff’s Department at 858-974-2222.
  • To give a warrant tip, connect with Sheriff’s Office at (858) 974-2327.
  • For information on recent arrests, call the San Diego Central Jail at (619) 610-1647.
  • Call the District Attorney’s Office at 619-531-4041 for the victim’s assistance and information.

Crime statistics for San Diego, CA

In 2018, over 6000 crimes were reported in San Diego County. This figure was made up of more than 4500 property crimes and over 1500 violent crimes. In comparison, the annual crime average of the following year was lower at approximately 5800 incidents.

These cases were a result of around 4300 complaints filed against property crimes and around 1500 complaints against violent crimes.

In the years 1999-2008, there were approximately 981,000 crime incidents in San Diego, out of which 13 percent were violent. Every year there are almost 1,000 murder cases, over 7,000 rape incidents, and close to 700,000 thefts. All in all, the crime rate in San Diego County has increased by almost 8 percent. This means that on average, a person may fall victim to crime in San Diego every couple of minutes.

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