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Is an arrest warrant required for an arrest in California?

In California, a police officer can arrest you with or without an arrest warrant. If an arrest takes place without an arrest warrant, it is usually because the officer witnessed the crime being committed. Even though the officer may arrest a person without an arrest warrant, he must still take the person before a judge requests that a warrant be issued for the record. If you suspect that an arrest warrant has been issued for your arrest, you should immediately contact an attorney.

Resources for Searching for arrest warrants in Calaveras County

If you want to search for arrest warrants or arrest records in Calaveras County, there are some available options.

The Superior Court of California for the County of Calaveras has jurisdiction over misdemeanor and felony crimes. The Clerk of Court for the Superior Court is charged with keeping detailed and accurate records for all cases. You can contact the court at 209-754-9800 or in-person Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm at 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, CA 95249.

The Sheriff’s Office for Calaveras County is responsible for serving active warrants. The records division may be able to help you with your warrant search. Contact them by telephone at 209-754-6694 or by mail at 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, CA 95249, to inquire about outstanding warrants.

To find out if someone is a current inmate, search for him or her by name through the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation’s Inmate Locator. You can search for current inmates by inmate number or by name.

Be careful of appearing in person to check records on yourself because if you have an outstanding arrest warrant, you may be arrested right then.

Is there any way to find information on Calaveras County arrests, warrants and criminal history over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • Know about recent arrest by calling the County Jail at (209) 754-6499
  • Learn more about criminal background checks by calling the Records Division at (209) 754-6495.
  • Find out about bench warrants and other civil papers or learn about the procedure for involving the police to serve these papers by calling the Civil Division at (209)754-6694.
  • Reach the Sheriff’s Department for general inquires and to file a complaint by using their non-emergency number-(209) 754-6500.
  • Get immediate police assistance in case of a crime in progress by dialing 911 or using the emergency dispatch phone number of the Sheriff’s Office- (209) 754-6753.
  • Provide an anonymous crime tip by calling (209) 754-6030
  • Contact the District Attorney’s Office for Victim’s Assistance at (209) 754-6565.
  • Get in touch with the Officer handling your case, by calling the Investigations Division at (209) 754-6564.

Calaveras County crime statistics

The total crime average of Calaveras County held steady at around 680 incidents per annum through 2018 and 2019. This resulted from a simultaneous decrease in violent crimes and an increase in property crimes. The incident rate of violent crimes went from 190 to 140 complaints while that of property crimes increased from 615 to almost 670 complaints between 2018 and 2019.

Calaveras County, CA, is not what you might think of as a tiny town (it has almost 46,900 residents); however, this town’s crime rate is shallow. Between 2001 and 2008, only 4,848 crimes were reported for the entire county. Of those, only 11% were violent, with only eight being murder. Unfortunately, the crime rate more than tripled between 2003 and 2004, accounting for the considerable rise in the overall crime rate during those eight years (over 79%).

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