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Arrest warrants are legal documents that give law enforcement authorities the right to apprehend, detain and imprison a person until he or she is brought before a judge. Is an arrest warrant required for an arrest? No, a police officer does not need to have an active warrant to make an arrest. However, if the officer makes an arrest because he witnesses a crime, he must take the suspect before a judge as soon as practical. Sometimes, an officer may make an arrest without having a copy of the arrest warrant with him. If this happens, the officer must provide a copy of the arrest warrant to the suspect as soon as possible.

What is probable cause in relation to an arrest warrant?

Having an outstanding warrant is a very serious matter. Courts in California issue arrest warrants based on probable cause. Probable cause is the belief that a person has committed a crime. A complaint is made before a judge alleging facts to support the belief that a suspect has committed a crime. The judge must use his judgment to determine, based on the sworn testimony or complaint, that a reasonable person would believe the suspect committed the crime being alleged. If the judge finds this to be true, then he will issue a warrant for arrest to local law enforcement officers.

Begin your warrant search with the Clerk of Court for the Superior Court of California for San Benito County. The criminal records division may be reached by telephone at (831) 636-4057, ext. 72, and, even though they cannot give out any information online, they can tell you the best way to get the arrest records you want to view.

The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office now uses the internet to provide information about crimes within the county to the public. Some parts of the website are still being developed; however, when finished, it will allow you to do a crime report search, check the offender’s watch, search the most wanted, etc. You can also contact the Sheriff’s office directly at 831-636-4080 or in person at 451 4th Street, Hollister, CA 95023.

San Benito County, CA crime data

Crime rates in San Benito County, CA remained steady from 1999 through 2008 averaging from 1,200 to 1,400 crimes per year. The total crimes reported during that time were almost 13,500 with only 16% of them being violent in nature. Murder was the lowest type of crime during those years with only 23 murders taking place within the county.

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