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Active warrants are sought when an offender cannot be just taken into custody. However, an arrest warrant search from Plumas County, CA, will bring back details on all custodial detentions in the state. This means that you will find arrest records for cases in which an active warrant was procured and on those in which arrests were made without resorting to the use of a judicial order.

Arrest warrants are not haphazardly granted to the police because they seem to think that a person is responsible for a criminal act. Their assumption on the matter has to be backed by hard proof to convince the judiciary that a criminal act was indeed committed and that the accused is to be blamed for this incident.

Once arrest warrants are issued, they are never called back. So, it becomes imperative to ensure that the veracity of the facts on which the release of such orders is based cannot be negated at a further stage. Such an eventuality can lead to the dismissal of the case and a round of admonition for the sheriff’s office.

Because Plumas County outstanding warrants have far-reaching consequences looking for information on arrest records and these directives is quite adequate to understand what a person has been up to. The reports of such inquiries will contain every bit of information related to a criminal matter in the name of the subject. For your warrant search in Plumas, you can go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 1400 E Main St, Quincy, California 95971
  • The court of the magistrate: 115 State Highway 89, Greenville, CA 95947
  • The department of the county clerk: 520 Main Street, Quincy, California 95971

What information pertaining to Plumas County warrants and arrest records can you find over the phone? (2021-data)

  • For information on recent arrests, call the Plumas County Correctional Facility at (530) 283-6154.
  • To contact the detective who is handling a criminal case, reach out to the agency at 530-283-6379 (only for victims).
  • To know about the status of a criminal case and for other assistance for victims, call the District Attorney’s Office on (530) 283-6303.
  • To inquire about pre-trial release, get in touch with the DA’s Office at (530) 283-6327.
  • To report a crime, use the phone number of non-emergency dispatch (530) 283-6375.

Crime statistics for Plumas County, CA

Between 2018 and 2019, the annual crime rate of Plumas County increased by approximately 5%.  As opposed to the 2018-incident rate of 422 cases, 2019 witnessed a higher crime rate of more than 440 complaints. Of these, around 300 were cases registered against property crimes while 130 were filed against violent crimes.

From 2003 to 2008, almost 2600 criminal acts were committed in Plumas County, California. However, not all of these cases were rapes, homicides, and assaults. Violent crimes only accounted for 11% of the figure, but this scenario may change rapidly given the increase of over 60% in this crime category.

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