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An arrest warrant issued in Monterey County, California, begins with evidence and particulars presented to a court judge. If the judge establishes that a reasonable person would conclude that a violation of law or crime has been committed, they will sign the document and become an active warrant.

An active warrant for arrest allows law enforcement to find and capture the subject and compel them to appear before the court. If the subject cannot be located, the order becomes an outstanding warrant and stays in effect until an arrest is made, bail is paid, or the individual appears before the court.

To perform a warrant search for Monterey County, CA, you should contact the Sheriff’s Office, County of Monterey, at 831-755-3700. There is also a helpful web page with more information maintained by the Office of the Sheriff at

Suppose your warrant search incorporates previous arrest records. In that case, there are two official places with information: the Sheriff Arrest Records at 831-755-3819 or the Superior Court of California County of Monterey in Salinas 831-755-5400.

You may search a criminal records database for the State of California by accessing the search form above.

To determine if someone is currently in the Monterey County Jail, contact the Custody Operations Bureau Detention Division at 831-755-3782.


What information pertaining to Monterey County warrants and arrest records can you find over the phone? (2021-data)

  • To request an incident report, arrest records or a warrant search, call the Records Division at 831-755-3722.
  • To know more about the investigation of a criminal case filed by you, call the Investigations Division at 831-755-3772.
  • To report a crime, use the phone number of non-emergency dispatch- 831-755-5111 to reach the Salinas Office, 831-647-7911 to connect with the Monterey Office and 831-385-8311 to connect with the King City Office.
  • To give a crime tip, connect with Sheriff’s Office at 888-833-4847.
  • For information on recent arrests, call the Main Jail Lobby at 831-755-3782 and for details on inmates in the Work-Release Program, call at 831-759-7230.
  • For victim’s assistance and information, call the District Attorney’s Office on (831) 755-5070.


Crime statistics for Monterey County, CA

The annual crime average of Monterey County plunged by almost 200 incidents between 2018 and 2019 to reach a yearly caseload of around 1380 incidents. Of these complaints, about 1120 were filed against property crimes as opposed to the more than 1330 cases filed in this crime category in 2018. As far as violent crimes went, around 260 cases were attributed to such incidents in 2019.

Over 130,000 crimes were reported in Monterey County, California, from 1999 through 2008. This averaged to about 13,000 each year, or one crime reported every 39 minutes. During this time frame of reporting, crime rose by 22 percent, with only 8 percent violent crime. Of the total reports, there were at least 90,000 thefts, over 1,000 rapes, and 200 murders.

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