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An arrest warrant in San Bernardino County California becomes an active warrant the moment it is signed by a court judge. It is then a legal document that gives authority for any California law enforcement to search for and detain the subject. If the subject cannot be served or located in a timely manner, the order then is categorized as an outstanding warrant.

The arrest warrant stays in effect until the subject appears before the court, pays any bail amount that allows the warrant to be satiated, or the subject is arrested. It is generally suggested by the court and the Sheriff’s Department that the individual for whom the arrest warrant was issued appears in person before the court, or contacts the Sheriff’s department directly at 909-473-2540.

To conduct a warrant search for Bernardino County, CA, contact the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Court Services at 909-387-5700, or on the Internet at You will need the name and date of birth of the subject for which you are searching.

If your warrant search may include arrest records or other case documents, contact the Superior Court of San Bernardino County, CA by phone at 909-384-1888.

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If an arrest warrant has resulted in the subject currently being in custody, use the Bernardino County, CA Sherriff’s Inmate Locator at

Reported crime in Sam Bernardino County California resulted in over 660,000 instances, of which there were over 420,000 thefts, 4,700 rapes, and almost 1,300 murders. This is an average of about 66,000 every years, or a report every seven minutes. Both violent crime and the overall reports climbed by about 20 percent during this same time period.

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