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An arrest warrant in Kings County California is considered active as soon as a court judge signs the order. This then gives California law enforcement the ability to legally search for and apprehend the subject to require them to appear before the court.

If law enforcement is unable to locate the subject, the order is then considered to be an outstanding warrant. The arrest warrant stays in effect until an arrest is made, bail is posted, or the individual appears voluntary before the court. In the event that bail is posted to avoid incarceration and the individual fails to appear as scheduled, the court will most probably order the bail forfeit and issue a new warrant for arrest.

For a warrant search in Kings County, CA, contact the Kings County Sheriff’s Department in Hanford, CA at 559-584-1431 extension 2790, or on the Internet at

If your warrant search includes a need for court records, such as previous arrest records, phone the Superior Court Clerk Division directly at 559-582-1010 extension 3042.

If you desire to find out if an arrest warrant has been exercised and the subject is currently an inmate in Kings County, CA, you can call the Jail and Inmate Information lines at 559-584-1431 at extension 2812 or 4103, or go on the Internet to

Crime exceeded 34,000 reports in Kings County California between 1999 and 2008. Of this total, nearly 24,000 were thefts, over 280 rapes, and about 30 murders. On average a crime is reported every two hours, for a total of over 3,400 each year. The rate of overall crime in Kings County, CA increased by 51 percent, while violent crime rose by 31 percent.

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