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If you believe that you or someone you know has an outstanding warrant for arrest, you may want to search the criminal records in Lassen County. Active warrants are issued to law enforcement individuals for service upon the suspect. The police officer will serve the arrest warrant and take the person into custody until he or she can appear before a judge.

Since the court is responsible for issuing arrest warrants, searching arrest records with the court is the first place to begin a warrant search in Lassen County. The Criminal Division of The Superior Court of California for the County of Lassen processes and maintains criminal records for the county. Staff will not give you information over the telephone; however, you may submit a written request for copies of documents from criminal cases. There is a research fee and a fee for copies. You can contact the court by telephone at (530) 251-8205 or in person at 2610 Riverside Drive in Susanville, CA.

The Sheriff’s Office for Lassen County is responsible for serving and executing arrest warrants issued by the court. You may be able to get information by contacting the Sheriff’s Office directly (there is not an online search option). To inquire about active arrest warrants, contact the Sheriff’s Office by telephone at (530) 251-8013.

With a few limited exceptions, arrest warrants in California may only be served between six in the morning and ten at night. The exceptions for this rule are: arrest warrants for felonies, arrests made in public, arrest warrants served on current inmates and pursuant to a judge’s direction. After the arrest warrant is served and the suspect is taken into custody, he must be brought before a judge within 48 hours.

An arrest warrant is not a determination of guilt and some warrants may be illegal. However, just because an arrest warrant is illegal, it does not mean you are entitled to an automatic dismissal of all charges. The best defense for an illegal arrest warrant is to get a good attorney. Only attorneys know all of the “legal loopholes” and “legal technicalities” that are necessary to fight an illegal arrest warrant.

Lassen County, CA crime data

Lassen County is the 47th largest county in California with a population of approximately 34,575 people. During the years of 1999 and 2008, there were approximately 4,600 crimes committed in Lassen County. Of those, only a small percentage was violent in nature. While overall crime rates only increased by about 44% during those years, violent crime increased by about 67%.

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