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Looking for judicial records from San Diego County, CA has been made simpler now that an online tool is available for case search. Through this service, you can find all types of court documents, including judgments involving corporate and family matters and probate cases. Criminal court records have also been made accessible.

So, you can find out about the crimes that a particular person was charged with, the issue of active warrants against him, arrests, trial happenings, verdict and sentencing. All in all, the information that can be accessed by going through the database of San Diego court dockets is pertinent yet extensive.

If you are interested in a background report of a person, a case search would be perfect for you. You may or may not have to pay for information disclosure based on the agency that you are connecting with. However, even when a fee is charged it seldom goes beyond a few dollars. Typically, you will just be asked to incur the printing charges.

Getting in touch with legal entities for accessing judicial records!

For an internet based solution to address such inquiries, you can visit the web portal of the San Diego judicial network at As you will see, the page has a case search tool that will help you to find judicial records that pertain to both civil and criminal matters.

Another convenient option provided for conducting investigations through the judiciary involves connecting with the San Diego clerk of court’s office or a tribunal through mail. For, this you can write to PO Box 121750, San Diego, CA 92112.

Finally, you ought to consider visiting the Superior Court to find the judicial records you need. Although this approach may seem cumbersome, it can get you the vastest amount of information since the courthouse also houses the Central Records Department in the basement. With them, you can find criminal court records indexed from 1974 and on ledger going back to 1880. The Superior Court works out of 220 W Broadway, Rm 2005, San Diego, CA 92101.