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Although a lot of people start by assuming that the Los Angeles County clerk of court’s department performs a passive role in the judicial machinery, they change their views quickly when they get out to conduct a case search. The agency performs the vital tasks of gathering judicial records, maintaining the court documents in a database (softcopy and hard copy both) and disseminating these judicial records as and when needed.

The repository of court dockets from Los Angeles County, CA is used extensively by civilians as well as state entities. In fact, the information held in the database is crucial when assimilating details for a background report. Since you not only get details on criminal cases but also civil matters that were filed in the name of the subject, the information in the database of court dockets can give you a complete profile of the person in question.

Add to this the fact that launching a case search in Los Angeles County is quite easy and it is easy to understand why hundreds of such inquiries are requested every day. In fact, in keeping with the ever increasing demand for case searches, information on court documents has now been made available online.

However, this data only goes back to about two decades. In fact, even the public service terminals at the office of the county clerk only have information that dates back to 1992. If you are looking for judicial records that are older, you will necessarily have to get in touch with the courts or the county clerk’s office of the area.

To conduct a case search for Los Angeles County, online use the web page of the judiciary at https://www.lacourt.org/paonlineservices/criminalindex/publicmain.aspx? criminal case defendant index. Information on the location of the various tribunals in the area has been provided on the homepage of the site at http://www.lacourt.org/. To contact the clerk of court’s office in person, go to 12400 E Imperial Hwy, 2nd Fl, #2207, Los Angeles, CA 90053-0195.