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What is the process for acquiring information on warrants and recent arrests in Long Beach, California?

As is the trend in many other cities, information is scant on the website of the local police department, whether you are a civilian interested in a Long Beach arrest inquiry or a warrant search. Although the agency does maintain a “news” section on the site to provide details on the criminal matters handled by them, this is hardly the police blotter.

To add to the problem, Long Beach PD has its own detention facility, which means that using the inmate search tool of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department may not always help you to learn about arrests in Long Beach. So, where should you go when you need an arrest report or data on warrants? Continue reading to find out…

Is there a way to access the arrest log for Long Beach through a state agency?

As far as the list of all Long Beach arrests for a particular day or time period is concerned, that’s not available anywhere on the internet. In fact, the booking log will remain out of your reach even if you were to personally head down to the Office of LBPD.

However, you can find out if a particular individual is currently being held in their custody. Unfortunately, there is no online arrest app for this inquiry. So, you will have to do things the old fashioned way and call them on (562) 570-7260.

Now, the problem is that the Long Beach City Jail is a Type1 Detention center, which means that those arrested cannot be held at this facility for more than 96 hours. So if an inmate is denied bail or is eventually convicted he/she will be shifted to the Los Angeles County Jail. The good thing is that you do get an online arrest search app for this facility. It is available at

How can you get details on arrest warrants from Long Beach?

Neither the LBPD nor the LASD offer the provision for a warrant lookup on their websites. This basically leaves you with one option- The Judiciary. But, all isn’t lost because a case search will get you far more information than just the details on the outstanding warrants against your subject.

In fact, with this tool, you can find out about all criminal matters that your person of interest was ever involved in. To access this facility, go to You can search by using the defendant’s name or the case number.

Crime stats for Long Beach, California

Although there was an improvement in the overall crime rates of Long Beach in 2019, the rate of homicides and rapes continued their upward trend. In fact, both the violent and property crime rates of 2019 were lower than those off 2018, plunging by 8% and 4% respectively.

While a downtrend in the crime averages has been observed for the last 5 years, the uptrend in the number of rapes and murders has also prevailed in this time. Annually, about 15,000 criminal reports are filed in the city, of which property crimes account for nearly 12,000 complaints.