Change in California Gun Law Will Allow for More Concealed Weapons Permits

California gun owners are applying for concealed weapons permits in droves now that a federal court struck down an element of the provision. Previously, a person had to show ‘good cause’; a reason they need to carry a concealed weapon. Legitimate fear for their life and the need to protect it must be shown before police departments can issue the permits.

In February of 2014, that requirement was struck down by a federal appeals court. Applicants no longer must prove they need to carry a gun to protect their life. The decision by the circuit court finds the restriction unconstitutional under the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms).

The decision by the court is not without opposition; the California Attorney General and gun violence groups are appealing. They believe that police should reserve their discretion for issuing concealed carry permits. They also believe the decision should be made by a larger panel of 11 instead of the three-member panel that struck down the ‘good cause’ requirement.

In spite of the fact that the appeal is pending in the courts, some sheriffs are already relaxing restrictions on applications for permits. Many have granted more in the past year than ever! Thousands more are expected to apply in the coming months.

Dan Bressler is the chief of police for Desert Hot Springs, California; he is a strong supporter of more liberal gun laws. Bressler believes that more citizens carrying concealed weapons will act as a deterrent to crime. His opinion is not popular with anti-gun violence groups; they don’t think that more guns will mean less crime.

Source: USA Today