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ASan Bernardino County inmate search can be done at two levels: through the state prison system and through the local jail. There is a difference in the way these facilities are operated. In the state of CA, there are several correctional centers that handle convicts through various stages of their prison term and these contribute to the results of your inmate lookups.

These facilities are all operated by the Department of Corrections or by contractors working on their behalf. They house inmates who have already been through their criminal trial and have been convicted of the charges sought against them. On the other hand, when you launch a San Bernardino County jail inmate search, you would only find out about prisoners in detention centers operated by the local police.

These are meant to be facilities to hold under trials and offenders who have been convicted for crimes which are punishable by prison sentences of a few months to one year. County jails also have those suspects who could not get their bail request granted by the courts and those who could not make the bail amount.

A San Bernardino County prison inmate search tool is available on the website of the CA DOC at Alternatively, you get in touch with the California Department of Corrections by calling their Identification unit at 916-445-6713. Remember the inmate locator tool will only find convicts who are being housed in state prisons.

The Department of Corrections will have no information about prisoners who are held in county correctional facilities. If you are looking for San Bernardino County jail inmate search, you will have to contact the local sheriff s department at 630 E Rialto Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408. The sheriff office also offers an inmate finder facility on their website at

However, you will need the booking number to find out if a particular person is being detained in the county jail. Alternatively, you could also try going to the holding facility for your inmate look up; they are based out of the same address as the sheriff’s department.