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Contrary to popular perception, a Sacramento County prison inmate search is not the same as a jail inmate search. These inquiries have to be conducted through different state entities; they look through the detainees housed in different correctional centers and the information that you get as a result will be poles apart. In other words, there is no overlapping of the data.

When you launch a Sacramento County prison inmate lookup, you are essentially trying to find inmates who have already been convicted of criminal transgressions and are now serving time in one of the correctional centers run by the Department of Corrections. Not only penitentiaries but also rehabilitation centers, work release and halfway houses are covered by such inmate locator inquiries.

There are two ways to launch such an investigation; you can use the inmate finder service offered online through the website of the Corrections Department on or you can call them at 916-445-6713 for inmate lookup.

On the other hand, when you are keen on finding out about a person who has been lodged in the Sacramento County jail, you will need to touch base with the sheriff’s department. There is only one detention facility that law enforcement operates. It is meant to house offenders who have been convicted for petty misdemeanors and suspects who were not let out on bail.

To connect with a prisoner who is being held in the county jail, you could get in touch with the sheriff’s office at 651 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States. The correctional facility is also located at the same address.

Another option is to use the inmate locator service offered on the website of the sheriff’s department at The inmate search for Sacramento can only be launched if you have the name of the prisoner or his XREF number. You can also call the main jail on 916-874-6752.