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The Roseville Police Department serves as the agency for law enforcement locally in the town of Roseville in California. It maintains its headquarters at 1051 Junction Boulevard, Roseville, California 95678. On their website at Roseville Police Department, the RPD lists their mission as:

“The Roseville Police Department exists to serve our community. Our primary responsibilities are the safety of the public and the protection of their property. Honor, courage, excellence, and teamwork are the core values that guide our organization.”

For the purpose of running patrols, the RPD divides the city into 4 separate areas referred to as beats. Beat 1 borders are east of the rail yard from the south city limit, from the railroad tracks at Grant St. to the west side of Dry Creek through Royer/Saugstad to Douglas Boulevard and south of Douglas Boulevard to the east city limit with Granite Bay.

Beat 2 borders are north of Beat 1’s border, east of the rail yard to Harding Boulevard/Galleria Boulevard, and east of Galleria Boulevard from the rail yard to the Rocklin city limit. Beat 3 borders are north of the rail yard from Atkinson Street to Galleria Boulevard/Harding Boulevard, west of Galleria Boulevard from the rail yard to the Rocklin city limit, east of Foothills Boulevard from Main Street to Blue Oaks Boulevard and east of Industrial Boulevard from Industrial Boulevard/Blue Oaks Boulevard. Beat 4 borders are west of Industrial Boulevard and south to Blue Oaks Boulevard, south on Foothills Boulevard to Main Street, south of Main Street to Atkinson Street, west of Atkinson St. to the rail yard, north of the rail yard to the southwest city limit. Beat 4 also includes all of the west plan development areas.

The RPD has several divisions that make up the department. Administration handles the department’s administrative responsibilities, including but not limited to records and payroll. Community Services handles the liaising between the department and elements of the community including schools, Neighborhood Watch and other crime prevention programs, and homeless and indigent residents of Roseville, California. The Division of Patrol handles the department’s patrol services across the city’s four beats. The Traffic Division handles traffic and DUI enforcement. The Vice and Narcotics Division handles crimes related to drugs, prostitution, gambling, and illegal sales of alcohol. The Investigations Division handles the bulk of the department’s investigations. It is constituted of Persons Crimes, Property Crimes, Technology Crimes, Special Victims, the Auto Theft Task Force, and the Special Investigations Unit.

Roseville, California is estimated to have a population of around 122,896 residents and annually sees an average of 3,581 crimes. Violent crimes account for around 8 percent of incidents, murders totaling 2 (0.02 per 1000 residents), rapes totaling 15 (0.12 per 1000 residents), robberies totaling 84 (0.68 per 1000 residents), and assaults totaling 192 (1.56 per 1000 residents) for a total amount of 293 violent crimes on average annually (2.38 per 1000 residents). Property crimes comprise the other 92% of criminal incidents with burglaries totaling 519 (4.22 per 1000 residents), thefts totaling 2,536 (20.64 per 1000 residents) and vehicular thefts totaling 233 (1.90 per 1000 residents) for a total amount of 3,288 property crimes on average annually (26.75 per 1000 residents). Residents of Roseville, California have a 1 in 419 chance of being victimized by violent crime and a 1 in 37 chance of being victimized by property crime as assessed on an annual basis.

Further information on crimes that have occurred in Roseville, California can be found on the RPD’s website. It offers more detailed statistics on occurrences of crime, historical crime data, and even a map with interactive features displaying crime data geographically.

Information on recent arrests made by the RPD is available on the Placer County Sheriff’s website. This will be found under “inmate information”. There you can find all available information on bookings and releases within the last twenty-four hours and listings of everyone currently incarcerated within the Roseville jail system.