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When you are launching a Riverside County inmate search, you should have a clear idea about the facility in which the subject is being held. The Department of Corrections manages the running of the state prisons while the police are in charge of Riverside County jails. In keeping with this fact, when you need to use inmate lookup facilities, you should start by deciding on which agency to approach for your inquiry.

The prison system in California can be divided into two categories; facilities which hold convicted felons and detention centers that are meant for people who are undergoing trial, suspects who could not pay the bond and even prisoners accused of misdemeanor offenses that were petty enough to attract a sentence of no more than a couple of months.

The DOC: A state level entity, the DOC is responsible for running prisons of all security levels, rehabilitation facilities for prisoners and halfway houses in CA. When you go for a Riverside County prison inmate search, you are essentially scouring through the database held by this state entity. So, you can learn about all prisoners who are housed in every correctional facility under the management of the DOC.

For your inquiry, you can use the inmate finder offered on the online portal of the DOC at http://inmatelocator.cdcr.ca.gov/ or call them on 916-445-6713. Another way is to use the free Victim Notification facility at www.vinelink.com.

Sheriff’s Department: The Riverside County jail network is the biggest in California and possibly in the country with five facilities. The responsibility of these is either shared alone by the chief of the Divisions of Corrections or jointly with sheriff. Most of these correctional centers are work release facilities that house offenders who are serving short term sentences or have not been released on bail.

To find a prisoner in these 5 detention centers, you will need to use the inmate locator service of the sheriff’s office. This can be seen on the website for police department at http://jimspub.riversidesheriff.org/. To launch the Riverside County jail inmate search, you should have the booking number or the name of the prisoner.