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Orange County court dockets are recordings of everything that transpired during the trial. These files are maintained from the very beginning. So, you will find information on criminal cases that dates back to the time the arrest warrant was issued or the accused was brought in for the first hearing. As far as civil cases go, you can find out about the filing of the matter and everything that happened after that point in these court documents.

Judicial records are maintained by the Orange County clerk of court’s department but copies are also kept by various tribunals that handled the case. Yet, it would be safe to suggest that the court dockets database held by the county clerk’s office has the most comprehensive information on legal matters.

Applicants can find out about judicial records that pertain to civil litigations as well information on criminal trials with this department. So, a cumulative case search that involves all types of judicial matters and all tribunals in the area can be launched by approaching the clerk of court. The simplest way to research judicial records is by using the online case search provision offered by the office, but there are also a myriad of offline options available.

To initiate an inquiry on court records over the internet use the website You will be asked to sign in to the service to use the name based case search facility. Enrollment is free and you will be given access to information on civil and criminal cases, just as you would if you were to approach the judiciary in person.

To pay a visit to the local courts, you could try the Harbor Justice Center at 23141 Moulton Pkwy, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. This branch of the judiciary has general jurisdiction. Another agency to connect with is the Criminal Operations Division of the Superior Court. To get in touch with them, you can go to 700 Civic Center Dr W, Santa Ana, CA 92702. Finally, to mail in your inquiries, use the Orange County, CA clerk of court’s postal address at PO Box 238, Santa Ana, CA 92702-0238.