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In Kern County, inmate searches can be launched with relative ease if you have access to an internet connection. However, before trying to find somebody through the inmate look up service provided by the office of local law enforcement as well as the CA Department of Corrections, you need to understand how the prison network is used.

Divided across three levels, the correctional network comprises of federal penitentiaries, state level prisons and Kern County jails. If you are looking for an offender who was convicted locally, you could launch a Kern County jail inmate search through the local police.If he is serving an incarceration term that is longer than one year, generally, you would be able to find him in the state detention centers unless he is convicted of crimes across more than one state. In this case, you will have to initiate a prison inmate search.

The trick to understanding where to find this inmate lies in verifying who tried him and where. If his case was heard in the district courts, you can incorporate the Kern County prison inmate search facility offered by the California DOC.

On the other hand, if he was sentenced to less than a year in jail, is still awaiting trial, has been denied bail or could not pay the bond, you will have to go for a Kern County jail inmate search launched through the local police department. Fortunately, there are online and offline ways to access the inmate finder facilities of local and state level criminal justice entities.

For instance, you could use the sheriff’s website at The webpage has an exclusive inmate locator for Kern County. Similarly, you could take advantage of the inmate lookup service on the website of the DOC at To conduct the inquiry offline, call the Department of Corrections on 916-445-6713 and visit the sheriff’s department at 1415 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93301.