How to get an arrest report in San Francisco?

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How do you access the arrests records and the warrant list for San Francisco, CA?

As far as data pertaining to recent arrests in San Francisco is concerned, the search for information can be fairly straight forward. Also, it is possible to find both the arrest log for the area as well as a person-specific arrest report.

However, a warrant search is a different ball game. To begin with, it should be clarified that the local judiciary offers precious little by way of criminal records online although they are just as involved in the lifecycle of a criminal case as the police, if not more. So, even if you are only interested in local arrests records, approaching the police would be a better bet.

That said, when it comes to warrants, neither the police nor the judiciary offers information about arrest orders online. So, forget about the warrant list for San Francisco, you’d be lucky to even find information on the arrest warrants against just your subject.

Now that you know how things work when it comes to these inquiries, let’s talk about the actual process of obtaining warrants and arrests records…

So, how do you get information on arrests in San Francisco?

As mentioned, this one is easy. You will find a tool for inmate search at Yes, this facility is available courtesy of the San Francisco County Sheriff’s Office and not of SFPD. This means, the results of your arrest inquiry will have details not just on those arrested in San Francisco City but also on people detained in other areas of the county.

This arrest inquiry can be initiated by using the first three letters of the first name and the last name. The results include everything from the case docket number to a description of all charges against the accused, the case disposition where applicable, and also the release date if set

Apart from this, you can also get local arrests records from the San Francisco Chronicle website at The arrest log on the page has information such as the full name of the detainee, the charges against him and the date of arrest.

How can you find information on warrants in San Francisco?

If you want to limit your warrant check to the internet, you will have to make do with the most wanted list supplied at

However, if you are interested in a more pertinent inquiry, and if this is a first person warrant lookup, you can go to the Central Records and Warrants Unit of San Francisco Sheriff’s Office at 850 Bryant Street, Room 460 from Monday through Friday, during business hours.

Crime stats for San Francisco, CA

Over 56,000 crimes are reported in San Francisco, CA each year. Of these, approximately 6,000 are violent crimes while the remaining 50,000 or so are property crimes. When it comes to a comparison with the crime averages of the state and the country, SF fares quite poorly with an average rating of 7.2 as compared to the state and national ratings which are below 5. Despite this, in 2019, there was a drop of nearly 6% in violent crimes.