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The Fremont Police Department is the local law enforcement agency for the city of Fremont, California. The mission of the Fremont Police Department is to provide “Public Safety through Professional Law Enforcement” and their vision is “A continuing Tradition of Excellence.” The FPD employs a total of 185 sworn officers and 102 professional staff members.

For the purposes of patrol services, the city of Fremont, California is divided into three Patrol Zones. Zone 1 is comprised of the northeastern portion of the city. Zone 2 is comprised of the northwestern and north-central portions of the city. Zone 3 is comprised of most of the southern reaches of the city. A map of these Patrol Zones as well as a neighborhood map of the city of Fremont, California can be found on the official FPD website at

The FPD is organized into three divisions. The Administrative Office is made up of the Office of Professional Standards and Accountability, the Office of Business Services, the Office of the Chief of Police, and the Media Relations/Public Information Office.

The Patrol Division performs several functions in addition to the assumed patrol services for the city. Watch commander positions are filled by lieutenants and each of the three patrol districts are supervised by police sergeants. In total, there are 124 positions within the patrol segments of the Patrol Division. Also in Patrol are Traffic, with 16 positions, Communications, with 26 positions including 20 communication dispatchers and 1 communication technician, SWAT, the K-9 Unit and the Crime Scene investigators.

The Special Operations Division has over 100 full-time positions, several part-time positions, and utilizes over 100 volunteers. The leadership of the Division is composed of 3 lieutenants, 5 professional managers, and 11 supervisors and sergeants. The Special Operations Division is comprised of the Records Unit (with 14 positions), Animal Services (with 8 positions), School Resource Officers (with 7 positions), Community Engagement and Permits (with 5 positions plus volunteers), the Court Liaison (with 1 position), Crime Analysis (including 2 forensic specialists and 1 crime analyst), the Detention Facility (with 12 detention officers and 4 supervisors), Investigations (with 24 positions), the Major Crimes Task Force, Personnel and Training (with 5 positions), Property and Evidence (with 3 property officers), and Special Programs including Arrest Control Tactics, Firearms, Peer Support Team, Honor Guard, and Social Media.

The city of Fremont, California has an estimated population of 218,927 residents and experiences an annual average of 4,565 crimes. Violent crime accounts for around 7 percent of those crimes with murders at 2 (0.01 per 1000 residents), rapes at 14 (.06 per 1000 residents), robberies at 132 (.60 per 1000 residents) and assaults at 158 (0.72 per 1000 residents) for a grand total of 306 violent crimes per annum (1.40 per 1000 residents). Property crime accounts for the other 93 percent of those crimes with burglaries at 1,176 (5.37 per 1000 residents), thefts at 2,502 (11.43 per 1000 residents) and motor vehicle thefts at 581 (2.65 per 1000 residents) for a grand total of 4,259 property crimes per annum (19.45 per 1000 residents). Overall a resident of the city of Fremont, California has a 1 in 715 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crimes and a 1 in 51 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime each year.

There are several offerings on the FPD website providing access and information on obtaining public information and records. Crime reports can be viewed geographically on an interactive map displaying publicly available crime reports marked by location. The website has pages for viewing records of both missing persons and the department’s most wanted persons. Information on requesting police reports can be found on another page. One page offers a locator for registered sex offenders so you can stay abreast of any such offenders that may reside in or near your neighborhood. There is also a page that offers information on how to make public records requests to the Fremont Police Department Records Unit. For further information on these and other subjects, you are recommended to visit the FPD website where a vast array of information and answers can be found.