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The Anaheim Police Department serves as the local law enforcement agency for the city of Anaheim, California. The APD is staffed by over 400 sworn officers and nearly 170 civilian staff members and is headquartered at 425 South Harbor Boulevard with satellite substations in each of the East, West and South divisions. The APD maintains its website at The mission of the APD, from its website, is:
Working with the public we serve, the Anaheim Police Department maintains
order, protects our community and prevents crime by delivering prompt,
professional and high quality police service.”

The APD is organized into five divisions, the Operations Division, the Operations Support Division, the Special Operations Division, the Investigations Division and the Support Services Division. Under these can be found specialized details and units such as the Crimes Property Detective Bureau, the Crimes Persons Detective Bureau, Criminal Intelligence, the Air Support Detail, the Canine Detail, the Auto Theft / Burglary Detail, the Family Crimes Detail, the Financial Crimes Detail, the Forensic Services Detail, the Homicide Detail, Internal Affairs, the Narcotics Detail, the Robbery Detail, the Sexual Assault Detail, Vice, and the Records Bureau.

Geographically, the APD divides the city of Anaheim, California into four districts for the purposes of patrol services. These are the Central District, the East District, the West District and the South District. A map of the current district boundaries can be found at The current boundaries were established in July of 2012. The locations of APD stations can be found at The APD also provides an interactive online crime map resource that can be viewed at The data for the map is updated every twenty four hours is organized by neighborhood, and is available by crime type, address proximity, and time period.

The city of Anaheim, California has an estimated population of 344,526 residents and experiences an annual average of 11,349 crimes. Violent crime accounts for about 11 percent of those crimes with murders at 15 (0.04 per 1000 residents), rapes at 82 (0.24 per 1000 residents), robberies at 440 (1.28 per 1000 residents) and assaults at 742 (2.15 per 1000 residents) for a grand total of 1,279 violent crimes per annum (3.71 per 1000 residents). Property crimes make up the other 89 percent of those crimes with burglaries at 1,605 (4.66 per 1000 residents), thefts at 7,025 (20.39 per 1000 residents) and motor vehicle thefts at 1,440 (4.18 per 1000 residents) for a grand total of 10,070 property crimes per annum (29.23 per 1000 residents). Overall, a resident of Anaheim, California has a 1 in 269 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime and a 1 in 34 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime each year.

The APD website has a robust amount of useful links to information and resources. In the event you need to file a police report for a non-emergency situation, it offers an online resource for doing so at Emergency situations should be reported using the city’s 911 system. A daily log of arrests made by the Anaheim Police Department can be found at The APD also maintains an online database of accident reports which can be found at To receive an accident report you will need the report number, last name, and date. The page at has links to information on some other kinds of reports and resources available. A full phone directory of the Anaheim Police Department can be found at

Warrants active in Orange County, in which Anaheim resides, can be searched online at Should you wish to locate information on a person who is currently incarcerated within the city of Anaheim jail system, information on doing so is located at The Orange County Sheriff’s Office also provides an online resource for searching for inmate information which is located at Inmate information is available there for anyone currently in residence with the county jail system or has been released in the last 30 days.